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Working Groups Coordinator

Víctor García de la Vega

Graduate and Master in Law for the Public University of Navarra, as well as Master in Business for the Nebrija University.

I have worked in a variety of legal counselling positions, the latest as Legal Technician in the Government of Navarra. Currently, I am a political advisor with experience in the Public Sector.

I joined Equipo Europa in February 2022 and since then have been participating in numerous activities and positions, having been Head of Citizen Participation in the European Youth Summit 2022, Coordinator of EE’s Legal Comission before being elected as Secretary.
2024 edition: more info soon!

EU Reform and Enlargement

Would you like to participate in the new edition of the Forum for the Future of the EU? If the 2023 edition was amazing, 2024 will be even more so.